Saturday, December 8, 2012


Ok, i was bored sitting in my hotel..waiting for my parents to finally get enough and drive away sumwhere? Anyway..had a great day gesterday,we went to the floating market here in hatyai..i forgot the name actually..and the night life is quiet exciting here in thailand..

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chapter 3

sorry guys , i didn't update the blog for so long T_T , busy with my current life cycle i guess o_o, anyway , here's chapter 3 and i'll try to update every single day :)


As soon as she got out of the building, she shivered since the air arounf her was so cold.

'Good thing I wear tons of clothing to cover my body' Iris thought

she took a cab and headed for the Colosseum, as soon as she arrived, she got off the cab and started to took pictures of the amazing building. the sight made her gasp. Iris spent around 2 hours around the Colosseum, trying her best to sketch the image of what lays in front of her.

'I should have brought my sketch book, this is such a waste' she talked to herself

She stopped at a flower shop to buy some flowers for Amy to ask for forgiveness

(okay I know girls don't give each other flowers! it's just , it seems cool to get flowers from your friends)

She bent down and picked up a bundle of roses and brought it back to the florist. the florist smiled at her warmly and wrapped her flowers carefully with a clear plastic wrapper.

'Do you always dress like this?' the florist asked

'yes, i'm comfortable with my current condition and i wouldn't change it. well, unless a prince charming swept me of my feet' Iris replied

the florist smiled before saying 'my dear girl, your prince charming is lucky to have a pure hearted girl like you as her girl'

after she paid the florist, she decided to treat herself to icecream. unfortunately, when she's about to exit the shop she ran into a man. ending up falling over on her butt.

'i'm sorry' she blurted. 'i didn't see you there, are you hurt?'

she looked at the man, and what she saw made her face blushed to the colour of ripe cherries.

'OMG it's the man from the plane' she thought to herself

Monday, November 21, 2011

Chapter 2 : Safe?

'When can you change your habit...i'm getting tired of dragging you to the plane everytime we had to go to europe'. glaring at iris, she thought about how did she get to know her in the first place. 'it must have been bad luck. really bad luck'

although its not her first time in rome, iris is still amazed by it's breathtaking view and environment. the scenery still awes her eventhough it's her 7th time visiting rome. 'hey Amy, can we visit the Colosseum later? it's been so long since i've seen it'. Amy stared at her 'didn't you visited it last month?' 'well that's considered long to me' she murmured before gazing through the cab's window again.

the day when away like usual. they checked into the hotel upon arriving. amy and iris shared a room (Iris didn't like it when she sleeps alone at the hotel). they took a few hours to relax, until iris couldn't stand sitting in the room anymore.

'hey amy, when are we going out? i'm starving and all stuffy sitting in this room. let's go somewhere?' she asked enthusiastically. 'you've got to be kidding me. i'm still jet lagged. can't we go out tomorrow.... please'. 'but i'm bored. look i've even finished my 500 puzzle pieces' she said pointing to a desk in the corner of the room and on top of the desk, sat a finished puzzle printed with the pictures of candies.

'you're that bored? well then, grab your coat and let's go' Amy stood and began working to the door. As quickly as she could, Iris puts on her coat and socks and arm socks, tuque and scarf. Basically she covered herself with any type of cloth she could grab. then she put on her fake spectacles before checking herself out in the mirror. When she's confident with how ugly and freaky she looks, she strode out of the door as quickly as she could and followed Amy. Amy was really shocked when she saw how Iris looked. The only thing you can see from her is her eyes and part of her nose. Elsewhere she's all covered up.

'I won't be walking with you if you're going out dressed like this. It's embarrassing. Please Iris, could you just for once dress normally. It's not like the paparazzi's are going to take your pictures, edit em and post them on the internet. So, get in the room and dressed properly young lady!' said Amy before walking towards his boyfriend's room (which is 3 rooms away from theirs)

'Fine Amy! if you're not going to accompany me, I might just take a walk by myself then!' Iris shouted. She started towards the elevator and glanced back to see whether Amy's following her. 'I'm going......really going' she said before entering the elevator. 'Maybe this is a bad idea. I shouldn't do this. What if someone kidnapped me and sell me, or worse force me to eat eggplants' she thought.

when the elevator stopped at the lobby, she got off it and walked towards the door to escape from the hotel herself. 'I 'm really doing this then. No turning back.'

Chapter 1 : First Encounter

'NO! I WON'T ENTER!' ,a girl wrapped from her head to toes appeared to keep holding on to a pole, shouted. she's frightened out of her shoes. 'why the hell do i have to ride the damn plane?! can't i take the boat instead?' she tried to reason with her friend Amy. but as usual her pleas meant nothing to Amy.

'you've got to let go of the damn pole. i won't let you go Iris. it's only a short flight. so please, let's just go! we're going to miss the plane if you keep this up!'

iris stared at Amy for 10 seconds, preparing to let go of the pole and following her. but as soon as Amy released her hand, she sprint away from Amy as fast as she could, not looking back at all. it's useless though, Ken (Amy's boyfriend) grab her wrist and hauled her over himself and started walking towards the gate.

as you can guess, Iris is struggling hard to get free. good thing Ken is tough :). As soon as they get on the plane the door closed, therefore, Iris could go nowhere. plus she's tied to her seat (Amy decided to put on safety measures, just in case so she doesn't jump of the plane).

ok just to be clear, i've got to introduce the characters a bit :)

Iris :
she's a girl. a shy one. she also acquired the aerophobia trait. however, her job required her to travel all around the world. why did she chose the job in the first place? she loves money. A LOT. so, her pays for every month kind off triggered her to accept the job before thinking the consequences. she's really sexy actually. under all those layers of clothes. the only problem is she hates all the attentions she got from all the other males, therefore she hides her body.
her physical - she got dark brown hair, dark blue eyes (they seem almost purple), a HOT body and a dimple on her left cheek
her mental - too damn shy to all the people around her

so, basically that's the heroine's character

back to the story, iris is frozen on her seat, she didn't even notice the damn gorgeous hunk next to him. her only thoughts were jumping of the train before it took off. the hunk next to him look at her strangely and decided to ignore her.

'this girl looks weird, why the hell is she wrapped all over. is she sick or something? i better ignore her'

p.s the 'damn gorgeous hunk is Alex, he's a playboy. but he's never done it before

suddenly the plane took off, Amy looked over at Iris and shook her head before plugging her ears with her mp3 headphones. 'it's starting soon'

'AARGGGHHHH!!!lemme out!!please don't kill me!!' iris shouted. Alex almost jumped out of his seat. 'what the hell is wrong with you woman! are you trying to.....' his rants stopped when Iris suddenly hugged him. 'what's wrong with me? why is my heart suddenly...'

alex jumped of his seat and ran to the toilet, he locked himself up in the toilet throughout the flight. meanwhile, as expected, iris passed out throughout the journey. that would keep her from shouting.

another p.s the flight is not that long, about 3 hours? :P

when they arrived, iris was the first one to leave the airport, not caring about her bags or even the people watching. to her, the better she gets out the airport the safer she'll be.

umm , kesedaran ?

haha , ini adalah satu kesedaran pada diri aku .. sebab blog aku ciput je orang nak follow P: , anyway ... aku ngan ... beberapa orang kawan aku decided nak buat cerita .. haha !!

p.s : rekaan semata-mata

kitorang planning je nak buat cerita nieh , disebabkan blog aku memang x ramai orang , so aku xde la nak malu-malu kucing nak buat novel :)

so enjoy .. !!

umm , 2 dewi and maryam :) , story nieh kalau x best tambah !!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

balik ~

bukan balik rumah , tetapi balik sekolah .. xmo ! kenapa ? sbb , esok exam add math .. dah la x study lg bab 3 onwards . memang terlopong la esok nengok kertas exam 2 .. haish =,=

wish me luck ~

Friday, October 21, 2011

komen lagi !

haha , nieh hah nak komen pasal sekolah ku kesayanganku P: , anyway , sekarang minggu .. eh x .. bulan exam :) . dah form 4 la katakan muahahahahaha!!! agak bz la dok menelaah buku .(ye la sangat) =,=

hmm .. tapi minggu lepas nye subjek x leh nk jawab btol2 sbb sakit kepala yang disebabkan oleh x makan nasi 1 hari :P . kenapa x makan nasi ? sbb x ada nasi ! haha xD ...

seriously , memang x ada nasi . ada pn , agk lewat la , n time2 2 selalunye aku dah malas nk bgun tukar baju n pi makan .. so , dalam dorm aku makan la dalam sekeping roti gitu , adeh .. kurus aku
nasi x ada sbb dewan makan ada problem . ramai budak sekolah aku kena keracunan makanan , adalah dalam 7 orang gitu , so , agak hectic gak ar sume nak marah2 and cool2 and buat andaian suma . termasuk la aku .. n then lepas keracunan makanan , dewan makan lak tutup , 2 la sebab jadi nye kes nasi x de atau lewat 2 . aku x thu la nk ckp macam mane dah ..

dah bagi ktorang keracunan nak buat kitorang kebulur lak ... tsk tsk .. cian aku .. x pasal2 makin sakit kepala . harap2 sekolah dapat selesai kan cepat2 .. x payah nk dok memanjangkan hal masalah tender la kontrak la bagai .

p.s dewan makan aku nye sekolah memang menakutkan .. = sarang kepada unwanted creatures :)